Lower part of the screen is untouchable

I cant reach spacebar when I typing, cant tap the logout button in facebook app, cant tap the text icon and send icon in messaging app. Its frustating to have those kind of issues. What possible problem that I may have facing right now? Is it software(Latest flyme release) or is it hardware(LcD)? I hope someone can help me. thanks in advance.

Meizu m3s

Sounds like software, which firmware are you running?
What did you do to caused this problem?
Are you rooted? (SU)

Meizu Pro 6

try reinstalling the firmware with clear data.


i already did that when I install the flyme6. But Ill try again If i had a time.

Sounds like your digitizer is starting to go. I had an MX4 and the bottom 3/4 inch of the screen was unresponsive to touch. Replaced it and hadn’t had a bother after that. The only way I could deal with it while waiting for the screen to arrive was to install Xposed with the App Setting module and force each app to rotate 180. I had to use my phone upside down for most of the time whilst browsing, texting etc etc. Bit of an inconvenience but got me through.

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