endomondo auto-shutdown

hi.. I have some issues with my endomondo on MX4 .. it shuts down after aprox 2-4min 

The problem appeared when I upgraded to Flyme ...

What can I do to fix it?

Meizu m3s

How did you update? (System or recovery)
Did you cleardata when updating?
Which version of os was you on before?
Have you tried upgrading to or downgrading? (Should use cleardata)

He he… I know it will sound childish but I am not good with phones.
About updating - phone offered me to upgrade and so I did it (because at that moment I was pissed of, because my download manager crashed and keep downloading smthg and somewhere… network data usage increased )
About clearing data - if it means - security - cleaner - then yes…
About old OS - like I said before - I’m kinda dumb with phones… I guess it was something from 5… smthng and I didnt try to downgrade because I was afraid download manager problem will be back… and with that my batery life will be down too…
Sorry for my lack of knowledge in phones… but I really hope for some good advice insolving my problem. I really hope in your power and wisdom! :)

Meizu m3s

You can download using a PC then copy it when you enter recovery (and plug in PC as removable device).
To access recovery power on phone using volume up and power button.

It is happened to me also, having version.

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