Not able to send sms but able to receive sms

hi i recently upgraded to flyme 6 on my meizu m5. after that im not able to send sms ,but im able to receive sms. thank you

Meizu m3s

Please give us more information about your device.


l have a meizu m5 . what else info u want abt the device. before the update ,i was able to send msg s normally, after the flyme 6 update  im not able to send sms but im able to receive sms. i saw that the sms centre area is blank in my settings. i tried few numbers from internet but nothing is working. 

yeah my device is a plain M5, not note or MX5. Plain M5

Meizu m3s

How did you update? (Through system or recovery)
Which version where you from and updating to? (Exact version e.g.
Can you uses the cellular function (call and receive call)
If yes, it is likely the problem of the app. Try downloading a new msger app from play store.

If nothing works you can try to:
Do a cleardata in recovery (not in system settings) or
Downgrade using the stock recovery and (cleardata) or
Upgrade to latest Beta (if you want) also remember to cleardata.

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