Meizu MX5 replace Flyme with the International Version Flyme om my Chinese phone.
Meizu MX5

Hi everybody.Just installed flyme on my Meizu MX5 that I bought second hand but in a perfect condition..The phone looks great but I cannot stand the far too Chinese stuff inside that pop up all the time...Can anybody instruct me on how to install the International Version??Which is that version G??

Is there some advantage in this??Or should I just root my phone and try to uninstall or deactivate the Chinese APKs??At the moment I cannot install Google Play and i reckon this is a very serious disadvantage...

Meizu MX4 Pro

You can disable the apps from sending you notifications.
If you change the phone from Chinese to International you have a small chance of bricking the device.
Just disable all the annoying apps and the phone turns into pretty much global.

To disable the apps, press on the notification that is in chinese, the app will open.
Go to each apps profile page (usually on top right) and uncheck all settings.
(One of them is "Push notifications" so the app will stop pushing chinese nonsense)

Meizu MX5

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis thank you Mate it seems that things are much simpler than I initially thought!!  Nasai kala Giorgos efharisto poly File!!


Meizu MX5

@Mike19641964 Γιωργο ευχαριστω Πολυ Φιλε!!Καμμια λυση για το πως κατεβαζω το Google Play??

Meizu MX4 Pro

@Mike19641964 Δοκίμασε να κατεβάσεις αυτήν την εφαρμογή και τρέξε την

Meizu MX5

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis Εισαι μαγκας πετυχε Φιλε Thks a lot!!!

Meizu MX5

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis νασαι καλα Φιλε ευχαριστω!!

Meizu m2

Μπορείς επίσης να εγκαταστήσεις το Flyme με όλες τις γλώσσες (Global) ακολουθώντας αυτό το thread στο MEIZUfans Forum.

Αλλά θα πρέπει να κάνεις downgrade στο Flyme και να περιμένεις να βγει το Flyme 6 Global Stable.

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