Network malfunction


After a month i've had my mx4pro 16gb (2 months ago) , the mobile stopped working with 3g-4g. Let me explain what i mean, whenever i switch the network order to pick 4g or 3g first, it simply doesn't connect to a network, i've tried various network operators-sims and still the problem persists. Is it possible for it to be a hardware error? My 2g network is working fine, hell is slow, but it's working. I've tried upgrading, downgrading, clean installs of flyme, and still haven't figured out what to do. Do you think it's a software problem? And if any1 of you has ever encountered a similar error i'd be glad to be advised on what to do.

My carrier is COSMOTE-GR and when i first got the phone i was able to use the 4g network, now i'm unable to connect to it, neither to theirs 3g network

Thank you, Manuel

Meizu MX4 Pro

Try a different Sim, if it’s not working then send it back to your seller for replacement, it’s a hardware problem.

So first it was working for 3G and then it stopped?
Did your mobile fell down at any time?

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