Not charging correctly

Hello, The problem that i have on my mx4 pro are:

1) Using a generic wall charger or USB connection from computer
     ---- Not charging at all, took more than 1 hour to increase 1 or 2 % of battery.

2) Using original charger
     ---- I'm able to charge the phone, but most of the time my phone goes crazy (disconnecting charging and connecting charging several times) until i disconnect the phone.  

Actual firmware:

Meizu m3s

Check the amp and voltage of your generic wall charger. Compare it to the original charger. You usually need 5V and 2 A to charge a phone, anything lower will just make it charge very slow. Most chargers cannot reach or be close to their advertised amp, I would suggest you measure it if you can.

@Scorpiony-Knifet Thank you for your answer. In the past i didn't have this problem. I have the phone about 2 year approx. 

I'm having this problem from about 2 months.

Maybe i will try replacing the "USB Charger Charging Port Connector Flex" and the battery.

My m1 metal also faces with this problem after upgrading flyme 6. Need 4 or 5 mins to increase 1% charging. I am using original adapter and usb cable. I also try with samsung and xiaomi 2A adapter and also try with other usb cable like remax, samsung, xiaomi. Explain me. Thanks 😂😂😂

Meizu m3s

Sounds like the CPU governor is set to performance or not lowering down when charging, maybe a bug in Flyme 6 or bad install. If your battery is draining faster than usually it maybe also caused by this. You can monitor the CPU using app like cpu-z. If the clock speed of the CPU doesn’t lower. You can change governor using rooted apps. If this is not the problem check your charging speed using Ampere (app). You can always do a downgrade if nothing works.

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