Flyme 5 vs Flyme 6

Hi Guys,

The problem is I just bought a brand new M3 Note this evening ( Chinese version ) and I just updated to Flyme After couple of hours using I felt a little lagging in the process. So I'm wondering that should download the newest beta is or should I downgrad to Flyme 5 ? Also could guys give me some pro and cons of these 2 versions please. Thank you so much and sorry for the bad english. I'm not a native speaker xD

Meizu MX4

I’ve tried both and flyme 5 sometimes feels faster but there isn’t that big of a difference. Flyme 6 has more features, and I really like it, but it’s better to wait for a satble version than deal with these betas. I also think that the g version is faster, but that might just be placebo.

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