I format meizu m3s with sp flash tool!

I format (format except bootloader) meizu m3s with sp flash tool,.

and now my phone can turning on.. how can i solve this situation,. please help me!

Meizu m3s

This is normal as you have format the system.img, boot.img and etc. You will need to flash these back using sp flash tool. These can be mostly likely found in the update.zip (firmware). You will need to convert the system. new.dat to system.img. For more information about flashing the m3s https://forum.meizufans.eu/topic/6550/guide-recover-a-meizu-m3-from-bootloop-meizu-logo-and-constant-reboot
You may need to find a way to recover the imei as the nvram is formatted.

@Scorpiony-Knifet and how do i convert the system.new.dat to system.img?

@Scorpiony-Knifet if when I flashing and appear error status_sec_dl_forbidden?

Meizu m3s

Please give me a screenshot of the error and the setting used.

Meizu m3s

You will need to flash each partition one by one as the guide said, I do not see a problem in your settings.

@Scorpiony-Knifet i just try flash each partition one (recovery.img) but it's still not work,. same error code

Same problem after format except bootloader: ERROR:STATUS_SEC_DL_FORBIDDEN

Meizu m3s

It is working perfectly for me, my m3s is default on international firmware, what about yours.

@Scorpiony-Knifet your phone just bootloop or totally cannot turning on?

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