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Hi everybody!

I am owner of M2 mini since December 2015. I bought it from a Chinese eshop through internet. This device according to its box label, is model M578A.

It came with and runs on Flyme OS 4.5.3I.

Several times I got notification that an update is ready for downloading.

I tried many times to update my phone and every time I get the “firmware corrupt” message.

I have no idea if my phone is a Chinese version, or an Indian version.

It might be of Indian version, because on the calendar app has, almost by default, the Indian holidays.

So kindly I ask for your help.


Best regards

Meizu m2

@Scorpiony-Knifet  Thanks for your reply to my problem. So by sugesting to try one of these methods, you are very sure that my phone is a chinese one?

Meizu m2

After searching extensively I found out that my phone is with the Indian firmware and not the International one.
The Indian firmware is different because access to Flyme account is omitted.

So there is no normal way to enable root by tapping on Settings-> Accounts-> My Flyme-> Personal settings (first option) -> System privileges and set it to open - accept disclaimer and confirm.

Since rooted phone is a prerequisite for any of the aforementioned methods, I have to find out, if there is another way to enable root to my phone, without making it a useless brick or unable for future firmware updates.

Please if anyone has such a suggestion based on his/her valuable experience, is most welcome to offer it.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your recommendation!
Indeed this tutorial is very well written.
In the past I followed the same procedures, found elsewhere, with no success.
Today I spent a couple of hours, searching by Google, to find a way to get root access, so to be able and follow the aforementioned methods suggested by @Scorpiony-Knifet.
 So I found a way to overcome the Indian firmware limitation to login to Flyme account and get root access.
The solution was invented by other M2 owners and has as follows :
1.    First download and install the app called “quick apk shortcut”. https://play.google.com/store/...
2.    From the Activities, search and find Meizu account. Click on it and from the expanded results, find the “"Meizu Account.login.SettingLoginActivity" and select it. This will create Meizu Account shortcut on screen.
3.    Now sing in to your Flyme account and get root access!!!

P.S. Since there are many activities under the Meizu account, you may need to select another one for shortcut. It depends on the result (different firmware). To enter the Flyme sign in tab.

So after getting root access, I followed the first method with success.

My M2 from model M578A was converted to M578H, running Flyme beta.

The Serial number and the IMEI numbers didn’t change.  

You have indian version download latest globle firmware for m2

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