mx5 stuck on start logo

hi guys I was trying to backup app for printer and the app didn't respond I try to restart it and it stuck on logos can anyone help me please

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please anyone can help me??

Meizu MX4 Pro

Hold vol + and power, press clear data and restart on the recovery page

I did that but it didn’t work

Meizu MX4 Pro

Try doing the same, but when you are in recovery, connect the phone to the PC and copy the firmware from the PC to the phone. If that doesn’t work that means your phone has a hardware problem, send it where your bought it from and claim your warranty.

idid that also… I live in Lebanon and we don’t have here anyone to fix Chinese phones

can you send me a link to download it again please??

it's still telling firmware not found... is this a hardware problem???

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Meizu m3s

Either you have accidentally deleted your system.img partition or it is damaged. Try flashing by downloading the and copying from a computer to phone. I have not seen this case where you can access recovery but have system.img corrupted. Not sure if you can install a

Meizu MX4 Pro

Are you sure you are not installing the G version on a Chinese device? Try downloading this and try again. If not then Scorpiony is right.

Meizu m3s

I am here to correct my mistake.
Forgot what ever I said.
This is the screenshot after you click install, right?
This is because it is in the directory of /sdcard/ or not copy to the phone through the pc, a removable device called "recovery". Make sure it is not extracted, must be in the

hi scorpiony i installed and copy the after to the recovery I did that by laptop the pic that i sent is after I click on start bottom

now I’ll try giorgos link

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