Flyme OS beta (m1 metal)

hello! thanks for the link! my meizu metal is coming this week (what a bargain at 135,- EUR) and I´m looking forward to install this beta ROM.
Does it work through the updater app with putting the on the phone before?!

Meizu MX4 Pro


1- put the on the phone, 

2- open the Files Explorer app, 

3- locate the zip file, 

4- click on it

5- tick clear data and press start


Thanks! I'm very looking Forward to!

So, I knew it wouldn´t be that easy to install the beta on an Meizu Metal with Shop ROM. What worked was to copy the file to the root of the phone directory and then turn off the phone. Reboot with VOL UP and POWER BUTTON and then install the update via recovery.
The Shop ROM didn´t even have an update app…
Does anyone know if it´s possible to activate GERMAN as a language with this beta ROM?

Meizu m3s

It is possible to use MoreLocale 2 to change display language. But this will not change language for chinese apps.

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