Flyme OS beta (Pro 5)
Meizu Pro 5

Is there any method to hide Chinese homepage music app? (in A version)

Meizu Pro 5

Does the system itself uses more battery than latest 5.x ? Because battery life is my top priority

Meizu Pro 5

@Denis-Covricov you can disable it from settings/application... Or uninstall if rooted

isnt the version a later one? Why is .14 later than .3? .3 is greater than .14???
Unless it relates to A ONLY!
Please advise?
The G version is very good, in every way.
I found out how to change the going into the photo first then via the 3 dots you can change the backgrounds.....also the flash works by selecting the pro there is nothing this stable G version does not do....battery usage is great too.

I admit I would like to have access to all the China music options I had when I had an A fact when the 7 arrives I may get a China A version again.
Great phones! I have had meizu since the first M4 I think it was...I still have it somewhere...and all the other ones in my cupboard!

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Meizu Pro 5

Build number is quite simple W.X.Y.Z
W => FlymeOS Number => 6
X => Year number (lastest digit) => 2017 =>7
Y => Month number => march => 3
Z => Day number => 3 or 14

G and A build are different "line" so a "A" build doesn't everytime have a corresponding "G". That's why lastest G is only and is older than lastest A Also "A" build are mainly released on Thuesday 

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Can I build it with Twrp?

Can I build it with Twrp? yes

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