Firmware corrupt

Hi Guys,

I have a very urgent problem - my phone isn't working!

This is my story:

It started to be slow and to finish battery very quick, for months, so I understood that he gonna die soon.

But I didn't think it will be so soon.

2 days ago, my explorer disappeared from apps window. The phone behave like someone hacked it.

Yesterday, he decided that my password to open keys is not correct (although it was correct), so I restarted him, and he worked well for couple of hours.

After that, he decided to stuck on some window, so I restarted again, and from that point - he just showed "Meizu" logo and stuck there.

So I googled, pressed on power button+ volume up button, and got the screen:

-System upgrade

-Clear data 

So I chose one of them, both of them, no one of them - any kind of choose, doesn't matter - he stuck on this screen.

trying to restart leads only to this situation.

Googled again, connected the device to computer, copied Flyme firmware to "Recovery" drive and then chose "System upgrade" - seems like he is trying to do something, "checking firmware", "upgrade...", but after 2 minutes it says "Firmware corrupt". 

Googled again and understood that my Flyme version is not appropriate to device, but the problem is that I can't remember which Flyme was installed before.

All I remember is that it was 4.5.something, so I tried this process with Flyme G, Flyme I, Flyme4, Flyme 5, Flyme6. Nothing works.

Please help me! What to do?

Meizu m3s

Version I and G is the same. You will need to try version A or Y.

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Tried also. Doesn’t work. Any other idea?

finding the correct version is the only solution?

Meizu m3s

Nothing else you can do to fix your phone unless you have unlocked you bootloader before the brick.

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