Broken screen - PIN - unlock?

Hi Guys,
My screen is physically damaged, touch is also not working. Now I can't unlock it (PIN), no fingerprint setup, I'm on the latest, global Flyme 5 version.

I have a bunch of pictures there, can someone connect an OTG keyboard and tell me how to put the PIN in and unlock the phone?

I have one keyboard, pushing the play button causes the phone to play music, but I can't blindly put in the PIN...

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Meizu m2

Can’t you just connect the phone to the computer with the USB cable and download the pictures?

Nope, Your PC won’t have access to the internal storage untill You unlock the phone screen.
That’s the whole issue :-/
Even an factory reset (without deleting the internal storage) would do, but You need a clickable screen :-/
I don’t care about nothing stored on my phone, only photos/videos, so a complete wipe (to get rid of the screen lock) preserving internal storage would do.

Can anyone help?

Meizu m3s

Maybe you should just get a screen replacement. Won’t suggest you to bother buying a keyboard that has a low chance to work with meizu and to unlock the lockscreen. Clear data (factory reset) in recovery also require you to insert ping or flyme account password, not very helpful.


I already have an OTG dongle and an keyboard, but I need someone to test it with an working screen and make an blind instruction for me...

Repairing the phone is ~50% of its current value, don't know if I want to invest the money.

EDIT - I have an Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, but all of them act differently (still, allowing to enter the PIN, but all in a different way).

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