Manual update after changing Chinese firmware to Global

I could have managed the first firmware update easily with the built in root option but in the Global version it is not available and automatic update does not work anymore.

I'd like to switch now to FlyME 6 Global but even after registering for a Flyme account I have no idea how to root the phone and update to the new firmware ?

Is there an easier way to update beside that ? If not how to root the phone, where to find the "Open system privileges" ? Thanks for the answers. 

Meizu MX4 Pro

You don't need root to update your os. Just download the firmware from the flymeos site and open it from the file explorer.

Also to root the device, log in into your account and go to Fingerprint & Security -> Root Permission

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Thanks for the quick answer. After open with file explorer with which file shall I start the update ?

Meizu m2

You just click on the file and then you choose “Yes” to reboot the phone and start the update. As for the root option - if you don’t have it in the Settings menu install a Kingroot app from their website

Unfortunately I get the “firmware corrupt” message this way as well. As I mentioned earlier I’ve changed the Inland Chinese firmware to Global manually (I supposed to receive the new phone with Global firmware) and after that the normal methods to update are not working anymore. Unless there is a patch or file to put in the root to avoid the “firmware corrupt” message or any other way to update the phone ?

Thanks, I’ve did it like the first time and worked again. Method 2, I just thought that there might be an easier way.
Thank you for the answer anyway.

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