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I’m new to this forum. The last few months it helped me a lot in using my MX 4-core ;)

I used to have a Meizu MX, but since two weeks I’m using a MX2. One thing is not completely clear to me: Is the Meizu online music version only included in the mainland firmware?

Is there any option to change the music app (apk) only?

BTW: Is there anybody out there, who is able and willing to recharge my Flyme account? I can pay via paypal… We might transfer only small amounts due to security reasons…:blush:

Many thanks in advance,

Yes the Online Music service is only available in China Mainland firmwares. I’m not sure if it will work if you only change the Music apk, haven’t tried it and I don’t have an MX2 to test it at the moment. Though I do suggest (instead of going through all that buzz required to replace a system app) is just to install a China Mainland firmware. I’ve been using them since always in both my MX2 and MX3 and there’s literally no drawback for International model users. Clearing data is actually optional (unlike what Meizu says, mostly for security reasons). I’ve done it dozens of times without clearing data and had no problems at all. In worst case scenario you will have a bootloop or a corrupted firmware which can easily be solved by re-installing it with clear data enabled. But same thing goes for replacing a system app, you may corrupt your firmware as well. So yeah make a backup before you try anything.
Best of luck! :)

Edit: Btw you can’t access the online video service because of copyright issues (Meizu has not bought international rights to play foreign series, movies, etc. Which is totally acceptable).

What you can do in order to watch them is add a Chinese VPN (There is an integrated option in the settings menu). You only have to find a reliable carrier which is probably not free.

Hi nnkos,
Thanks for your quick reply. I guess, the mainland firmware doesn’t support german language…
My two MXs only have english settings. It doesn’t really matter, but I was happy to have a fully
german version in my MX2 ;-)

Hm, I’ve to think about it…

Does anybody have the apk-file of the mainland version. Have Flyme OS 3.7.3l installed…

I think mainland version actually has German language. My MX3 at least (CN version with China Mainland firmware) had German language support in FlyMe 3. I don’t really remember if it was available in my MX2 but it should have been, at least that’s what logic says :P
Maybe someone else can confirm that for sure.

I’m currently downloading MX2’s firmware to grab the apk for you. I will edit this post later with the app uploaded.


Here’s your China Mainland Music apk!
Note you must have a rooted phone of course and a root explorer.
With your root explorer go to:
delete the music apk and then paste the new one there (if it doesn’t allow you to just paste and replace the old apk).
Make sure you have the correct permissions.

No chance:
The apk seems to recognize the system software whether it’s mainland or HK version, while installation.,
There’re (only) the same options as before.

Ok. Have to try the mainland version, I think.

OK. I’ve updated to China Mainland Version 3.7.3 official:

  • Meizu online music works.
  • German language supportet.

Many thanks.

Only still missing some bucks on my Flyme Account… ;-)

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