Ear speaker problem

Hi all,

yesterday, after upgrading to Flyme 6, my ear speaker suddenly stopped working. By ear speaker I mean the speaker that usually use when making a phone call without earphones. Whenever I try calling, I can't hear a single sound, not even the other phone ringing, but they can hear me (mic working fine). If I use earphones or the loud speaker, everything works fine. I tried to do a factory reset (I acutally did several factory resets), but nothing changed. The firmware version actually installed is Any ideas???


After a lot of factory resets I've been able to solve the problem, but only temporarily. I installed the latest beta version (, with full data wipe, and the ear speaker was working fine (I did several test without problems). Then the following happened: I tried increasing the volume during a call, and suddenly the ear speaker stopped working again: thus it's like touching the volume during a call sets the ear speaker to mute (and I am not able to change volume anymore). 

This happened the first time when I upgraded to Flyme 6: apparently it is a bug in Flyme 6 when I try to change volume during a call (and apparently this volume setting did not change when I tried resetting/downgrading firmware). 

Not sure if the following is useful info: I entered EngineerMode (*#*#3646633#*#*), then Hardware Testing => Audio => Volume => Voice; see the screenshot below.

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