Meizu m3s forgotten pin code

Hello guys,

I have meizu m3s and i forgot the pin code.

I tried hard reset but in the menu clear data need to write the pin, also i didnt create fly me account. :(

The seller told me to contact with meizu costumer service and the costumer service of meizu can't help me.

Is there a solution for my problem because i have a phone that i bought and now i can't use it.

Thank you in advance!

Meizu m3s

You can use SP flash tool to reset your device. (SP flash tool is last resort)
For more information about using the SP flash tool with the m3s (also works on m3)
I would suggest you to format only the userdata partition. You may lose your imei (can't make calls) so don't format the entire phone. Next time make sure you have a flyme account, it is much easier to reset the device.

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should i use the same scatter file that kokotonix upload?

How to flash only the userdata partition? i can't choose it because it is blank

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