Help please

How do u disable long press home button to turn off screen on pro6? Thanks

Meizu Pro 6

Go to Accessibility but your only option is to change it to smart voice which in my opinion is worse

@zoroflamingo No cause to activate google assistant u need to hold down the home button but it meizu the screen goes off instead

@zoroflamingo And where under accessibility is the option to turn off hold home button for screen off? Thanks

Meizu m3s

You can edit the buttons using flyme tools. Flyme tools -> Buttons -> Home Button -> Default (change long press function).
You will also need to install xposed to use flyme tools

@Scorpiony-Knifet Thanks . But to download Xposed u need to root the device right.?

Meizu m3s

Yes, i would suggest you use the xposed installer 3.1.1 from xda.

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