Cleaning files question

Hello, for 2 days I have Meizu M3 - 2/16 GB.

On the security app, when I go into files section, it appears I can clear System.img - 2.5 GB and custom.img - 512 MB.

Do I need those files and is it safe to delete them.

The phone is with Flyme It has a lot of languages installed. I don't know if this rom is same as the one here in download section.

Thank you

Meizu m3s

If I were you I would have updated the phone to the latest version and had cleared data. The system.img is not the partition name of the system partition, but a backup of the system drive (not created by the system, but by using su). Can you locate it in your storage? How did you cause this file to appear, was the phone brand new?

Meizu m3s

I think your phone had been modified to the current firmware, with multi language. And the system.img and custom.img is the result of the modder forgetting to delete these required files for modding. If you want to upgrade, you will need to install an international to maintain your multi language options.

Thank you

Scorpiony Knifet,

the phone is brand new, but I believe the ROM is installed by the traider. I am from Bulgaria, and the phone started with bulgarian localization.
This is the first time I use Meizu and I am not familiar with the ROM installation procedures, I read on what is the upgrade procedure:

Before you can start doing an manual upgrade, you need to download the (or update.bin for older devices). Meizufans offers the largest and most complete Flyme firmware archive outside of China. Just visit our firmware page and select your device..
After you have completed the download, you can go ahead:

Move the outside of any folder (root of the storage).
Shut your device off.
Press Volume Up + Power to boot into the recovery.
You might select "Clear Data" (or "Wipe user data too") if necessary or just go ahead and start the upgrade.

But I don't know if this applies to my device with modded ROM (if modded).
I read on russian more complicated upgrade procedures involving dd command and I am little confused how to proceed if I want to upgrade the phone to latest Flyme OS stable (m3).
I'll be very grateful if you give me some guidelines, since the russian forum is diffucult to read (not because of the russian, but the structure is linear and all the topics are in single post).

Thank you again

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the img files reside in /disk/ant directory

Meizu m3s

Only use the DD command method if when you install your firmware it responds with an error: corrupted firmware. When you get the corrupted firmware, it usually means your installing a G firmware on a non G device (A). You can either download the correct firmware (A or Y) or use DD command to install the G firmware.

Thank you. I deleted the image files and nothing happened. Just as insurance, I put in the root of the device, but so far everithing works as expected.

I am not sure I want to upgrade, since everithing is smooth on the device.

Last years I used several Xiaomi phones and every upgrade of MIUI brings more problems than improvements.

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