Change TTS voice?

Hey there,

I’m new to the “club” and just received my MX4 (international version) today.
The first impressions after 4 weeks with a Honor 6 are quite impressive.

I just can’t find a “regular” setting option:
I downloaded Google text-to-speech from the Playstore - but I can’t activate it anywhere in the language settings… Usually Android has a menu for that, where you can switch between different downloaded TTS-packs - it seems as you’re stuck on the default voice, which is pretty terrible (as usual in Android) - have you found a way to change this?

Many thanks in advance ;)

According to this app on the Meizu App Store ( ) it states to go to Settings --> Voice input & output settings --> Text to speech settings --> speech rate. So settings for TTS must be there on Flyme OS…

There are no such settings in Flyme 4.0.3l :-(
You can set up voice recognition - but not Text-to-speech…

Or at least I can’t find it!

You need the “Google” and “Text to Speech” apps, you can find them on Google Play.


Did you try the workaround app i have made for this here?

Your workaround app was just what I was looking for - worked perfectly!

Can’t stand the “Pico TTS” default voice ;-)

hello, the link to the workaround is dead. can you share how you changed the TTS Engine ?

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