bootloop and firmware corrupt at the same time... im going crazy :/


i bought my my phone on ali-express and got it with chinese version , not international.

i did the guide to change from chinese version to international version , and every thing was ok.

after a while ,i try to update my m2 note to when my phone is on I version.

and i got a "firmware corrupt" message , i assumed that the problem was the change between A version to I version, so i did the process again to change version from A ti I , and i try again to update to , after i try my phone start to bootloop , and when i try recovery mode - system upgrade (with lower firmware) i  got again "firmware corrupt"

please help me , its my mom's phone and im lost.


Meizu Pro 5

Firmware corrupt is mainly based on the phone id... So if you installed the img manualy, this mean you kept the Id untouched... and the G update can't apply simply but only leads to "firmware corrupted" message (that's part of the FAQ)... You will need to update/downgrade your phone the same way you did the first time.
Regarding bootloop, you need to wipe data ... That's a necesarry step, especially if you apply very old/different firmware

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