Problem charging

When the phone is charging so stuck at 90% and does not advance more, someone has the same problem?

Meizu m3s

How long has it been on 90% it maybe you are not using the stock charger or it is not providing enough amps. Does the phone work normally and decreases to 0% and can increase back to 90%. If so I would suggest you to recalibrate battery. If you still have warranty I would suggest go to them first before you Root your device.

Meizu m2

Or it could be a software bug. I had a similar problem with, the charging percentage didn’t wanted to go further then 77% and nothing changed within 3h.
Update to helped like a charm

Follow below troubleshooting steps to fix charging issues on your android device.

1st Way: Check battery charge problem or not

2nd Way: Check power adapter & cable loose port

3rd Way: Check using USB cable

4th Way: Use safe mode on your device
Safe mode not allowed third party apps of your phone. It will helpful to find which app may be causing the error.

Press & hold the power button > Touch & hold the power off> Reboot to safe mode > OK

To exit safe mode on android device, Hold the power button about 30 seconds and restart it.

5th Way: Factory data reset android phone

Settings > Backup & reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase Everything

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Meizu m2

Is it working on Flyme 5? Because I’ve tried to do it and my phone just turns off

Yes, you will try it… i hope it will works to fix your problem.

Meizu m2

"Press & hold the power button > Touch & hold the power off> Reboot to safe mode > OK"

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but my phone just turns off :P

Meizu Pro 5

In most of these cases calibrating the battery will solve the problem. There are plenty of apps in the store that will do this for you

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