Userdata.img for Meizu M3 note

Hey guys! Need some help in finding userdata.img for flashing it with SP Flash Tool. Will be glad for any help!

Meizu m3s

The success rate for flashing the m3 note is very low as we are missing a correct auth file. Did you forget your password or do you have a stolen device.

@Scorpiony-Knifet this device is a property of a big store where it was locked like a joke by unknown visitor because it stands in the open access without any demo firmware. I was asked if I can solve this problem. And if to be honest I have M3e and U10 locked in the same way on my hands.

Meizu m3s

How are the phones locked, you are able to reset them through the stock recovery if you know the flyme password. Sp flash tool is not really an option for all your device.

@Scorpiony-Knifet as I told before, that were the "jokes" from the store visitors, so the no one from the staff knows these passwords.

Meizu m3s

Meizu should be able to reset your devices. There are people that have successfully contact meizu. this is only a fan club

i also have same problem…how to contact meizu?

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