Meizu MX5 stuck in bootloader. Scatter file help

Hi guys, my mx5 is stucked in bootloader and i need the scatter file to solve it , but the only problem is that i cant find it on internet and the only solution is to make it using mtkdroidtools , and the mx5 in debugging mode. i cant turn on my mx5 to make the scatter file , so im asking you, if someone have mx5 and 5-10 minutes of free time to help me :( 

 Here is a video tutorial how to create the scatter file.

Hope you wil help me :(

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@Giorgos-Hamouroudis,Error: Initializing scatter file failed. Please check the name of scatter file which you load is legal. :( 

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@Sandu-Borta i dont know about that, it worked on my mx5 last time i tried. this website helped me unbrick it

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I have checked the scatter file it looks fine with the correct structure for Sp flash tool. Which version of SP flash tool are you using and please give us a screenshot of the error and your settings. Or use SPMultiPortFlashDownloadProject.exe if SP flash tools does not work for you.

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@Scorpiony-Knifet, i donwloaded a new version of sp flash tool and the scatter file is working, but now i have another problem, i think i dont have the right usb drivers .. i click download on sp flash tool and nothing happens :( 

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@Sandu-Borta check the link i provided, there are drivers uploaded for the mx5

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis, i solved the problem with driver, now i get that kind of error :( 

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you said your phone is stuck at thr bootloader, can you access the stock recovery page?

@Giorgos-Hamouroudis, yes, but none of any firmware works , i have tried from to and the same with .A, and all of them said are corrupt.. so the only solution is flash tool...

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download the auth file here
the error says the incorrect auth
download a newer sp flash tool that support auth file, you verison is old.

@Scorpiony-Knifet,thank you , solved the problem with auth. But now another error, why i get error after error :( sooo unlucky

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try a different downloading agent, different phones uses different agent. The all in one agent may not work on every phone.

@Scorpiony-Knifet This site does not have mx5 Scatter file.....!😂

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