back button not working properly

My back touch button stops responding very often, then it’s fine
again.Also many times it registers 2 “clicks” instead of 1 when I touch
it.One strange thing is that sometimes when it cames back after the dead
period it clicks itself quickly many times,like 10-20, maybe for the
times that it wasn’t responding before.

Meizu m3s

Try reinstalling the firmware, it may just be a software bug, but also can be a hardware bug. It is very hard to tell, so i suggest you try to test if it is a software bug before replacing the touch button.

One of the most common reason to android home button stopped working is system OS update or screen replacement.

fix a broken android home button. Sometime software key problem or home button not working is the common hardware problem after update OS. People annoying when home or menu button not working, they press home button hardly to get respond but doesn’t work.

 If android device then first of all restart your device, if not work then factory reset android phone using below steps:

Settings > Backup & Reset > Factory data reset > Reset phone > Erase everything

If above method not work then wipe cache partition on android phone.

I hope above method solve your home or menu button not working problem.


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