meizu band h1

hi, I m looking for english app for my band h1.

Thanks in advance.

I’ve already tried but it’s only partial translation. It’s odd there’s not avialable English version. Do you know if it in progress?

Thanks for your help.

Hi, I tried to download this app but my phone says that there is a problem with the package… Do you have an other link?

Meizu m3s

Are u sure it is not the problem of the APK installer or a corrupted download. Have you tried installing other APK successfully?

@yann5000 hi, I'm looking for the application as well as I just hit my band today. Can you share the partially translated app 

@Scorpiony-Knifet I'm also having same issue, all other apps installing well manually 

I’m very disapointed that official english version is not available. In wainting you can try this partial translate.[1].apk?dl=0


@yann5000 Hi, thank you, the English app is installed, can you tell me how to bypass the Chinese number for registration? I’m not in China and not having a Chinese number.

@yann5000 thank you, I've logged in... Now my band is not binding.. The 3 dots run on the band but then a X mark comes and it doesn't bind.. 

@yann5000 - are there any efforts to complete the now partial english translation?

has anyone ever been able to use Meizu H1 band sucessfully together with the Android app?
Whenever I try to open the app, it asks for more permissions.
When I grant the permission, nothing happens.
If I do not grant these permissions, it simply does not start.

Please help me :O

3 months later, I still have no possibility of using Meizu Band H1 together with my android phone and extract any data or even just set my clock.

I’m extremely disappointed not just by Meizu, but also by the community that apparently shows no real interest in the product.
Would be happy to be disproved in the last point.

Meizu m3s

Don’t think there are many people that owns this device. Personally I own fitbit and i rarely use it. It isn’t that useful in my daily life.
What have you tried? I might be able to help you. There is no update to the translation on XDA.

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