Xposed in Flyme Beta version.

Unable to install xposed framework.

Rooted using twrp and installed xposed v87 but shows v87 is installed but not active.

 and also after installing framework,  not a single apk is installed,  all time having the same issue i.e insufficient storage. 

Plz help who hv solution. 

Meizu MX4

@kundan2180 No known way at the moment, the earlier versions had the same problem.

Meizu m3s

Works after a second reboot, am using beta.


Plz post the whole process u adopted to run xposed in ur phone. 

Meizu m3s

I am using the m3s and flyme
Downloaded Xposed Installer 3.1.1, clicked install Version 87
Restarted then gave me an error shows v87 is installed but not active.
I clicked Version 87 and then restarted again.
I waited for flyme to optimize my apps, and now it is active, but i can no longer access root.

Meizu Pro 5

Flashed xposed zip directly with twrp (pro5) and its fine…

not working on m2.
Tried twrp as wellas direct install via web. Always facing insufficient storage after installing framework.

Install SuperSU 2.46 after you gain root and it will stay after Xposed is installed.

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