Flyme OS beta (m2)

Unable to install xposed framework.

Meizu MX4

Same problem as earlier versions then, no xposed. Is this the G version?

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Meizu m3s

Works after a second reboot, am using beta.

Meizu m3s

After xposed worked, but now i have lost root, and kingroot won’t install because of flyme safety check.

@Scorpiony-Knifet You have to disable WiFi and mobile data and then try to install king root. And enable it right after successful installation.

I managed to install this version of Flyme, but I’m having a hard time trying to install Google Apps on my phone (Google Play Services and Play Store). A couple of reliable links to download them, someone?

Meizu m3s

Are you using the Google app installer in the stock app store?
I remember someone have uploaded a copy of this app on this site but I cannot find it.

I have installed (today) successfully Flyme OS beta over Meizu-M2 note.
But when accessing the contacts (editing an existing one, viewing its information, creating a new one) the number are not shown!
is it a known bug? how can it be resolved? or roll backed!

Meizu m2

It’s still beta so it could be like this. You can always get back to the previous version

Hi, first thank you Bart for your prompt reply/advise.
do you know if OS version is the last previous stable release?
should I also download it from the play?

Meizu m3s

Don’t think there was G for the mm2, so I think is the latest.

Meizu m2

Yep, also as far as I know was the last version before they started working on Flyme 6.

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