Flyme OS beta (MX5)

I’m on A firmware right now. I’ll change my id and install global. Tomorrow I’ll post my opinion for this beta

Meizu m3s

I’m using this firmware right now for another device, haven’t got any issues yet.

I’m installing it right now

Meizu m3s

Not bad, after 3 hours still on 95 %

Finally my language Greek on this beta. Seems pretty good. Tomorrow I’ll know about battery life

Downloading now. Will update soon .


Running smooth sine 16:00pm 

Now u can control the ringer volume,no need to go to settings etc .

New animations , really Apple-ish .

Battery was 58 at 16:00 after installation . Now I'm on 47% and I was using it .

I will keep updating my post. 

For now I recommend updating .

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Do you recommend to wipe data when upgrading?

I come from (A) firmware and i wiped data and factory reset to make a clean install of this global beta. I recommend you do the same


Lo Akhi ;)

I did just upgrade from .

Never wiped data in my entire usage (more than a year with this phone).

Meizu MX5

Does anyone have problem to change wallpaper? When hold on desktop, option for wallpaper is there, but when click on that option, nothing happens.... Also, there is still no T9 option in dialer...

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@PyntuxYes there is this problem with the wallpaper but you can download any wallpaper you want and go to library where you store it and set it as wallpaper manually. Keyboard also I recommend to download swiftkey from playstore it's one of the best keyboards. 

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