Flyme OS beta (Pro 5)

does one have to clear data if one goes from the version?? please
thanks for all these exciting updates

Meizu Pro 5

@ca876 Hi, I'm always clear all data before install a firmware. You just need to backup your data. 😉 

Meizu Pro 5

I have installed this firmware and it’s vary good for the moment. On the A version, the only bug I had was the equalizer settings restart every reboot. Now it’s gone 😈

How does the stability bad bug look like? I’m on 5.1.11 so I can’t be bothered really with something unstable…

Meizu Pro 5

@Michał-Jankowiak it very stable and fast. I'm using this versions since yesterday, and I'm satisfied. 

@Denis-Covricov Thanks for the reply. I'll get back to you in a week and see if any problems develop or you would observe anything :) 

I've tried crdroid not long ago claimed by few to be a daily driver but after a week it started to go little bit coo coo on me. 

Meizu Pro 5

@Michał-Jankowiak Ok, I'll posting here if I found any trouble in my daily use. 👍😎 

Meizu Pro 5

Small bug: I can’t change home screen wallpaper form home, need to be changed from gallery (I mean default launcher)

Meizu Pro 6

@Denis-Covricov what happens when you press wallpaper after holding on the screen?

Meizu Pro 5

@zoroflamingo I just return to home, like when you press the home button. 

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I am unable to change the wall paper as well

Meizu Pro 5

@ca876 it's non a big problem... As I say, you can change it from gallery. 😉 

What about notifications like from Facebook messenger or eBay or different apps. Do you have to set everything up or it just works? Is battery life the same?

Can you open links in apps that support them like YouTube in YouTube app etc.?

I know both of those issues can be fixed in flyme 5 but I wonder if they addressed them.

Another little bug I’ve had on any flyme is taking a photo, clicking that photo and then taping on the button to go back to camera app most of the time it will exit camera all together instead of going into viewfinder.

Meizu Pro 5

@Michał-Jankowiak OK so.... about notification i haven't problems (i'm using only whatsapp, don't know about others apps), battery life it's the same i had on About links, when i navigate with chrome and click on a Youtube link, it open Youtube app. Hope I answered on your questions. ;)

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