Hi guys, its me again. when I tried to update my m2 mini to flyme 6 it says that the firmware is corrupt. what to do? I really want to try the flyne 6 :(

Meizu m3s

What firmware are you currently on?

@Scorpiony-Knifet I'm using 5.1.12.OG

Meizu m2

the link is related to Flyme beta
Try it.

@jiteshpoojary thanks, I'll try it. 

@jiteshpoojary I'm using it already but I can't use my gmail 

Meizu m2

Check if you have the synchronization option on. Moreover go to app and clear data and then add the Google account again.
Btw. you’re making a lot of posts on the forum with your firmware problem. Try to put it and stay with the subject on one thread, not “twenty” :P

@Bart11 Actually I don't know how to use this site. HAHAHA. Next time I'll just Pm you! ☺☺

Meizu m2

What is exact problem
Show screen shot of problem u r facing on.

Meizu m2

That.means you have installed wrong version of google play services
Show me screen shot of google play services version.

Meizu m3s

How you installing google services? Are you using the google app installer. Using, having no problems after signing in.

@Scorpiony-Knifet Yes, Im using the google app installer. What to dooo :(

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