Firmware problem, cant upgrade

Hello guys. Just 1 hour ago my mx5 was working wonderfull. After some minutes it shut down... When i try to turn on, the meizu logo apear, and after 10-15 secounds it make autoreboot in recovery mode. Seems the problem is in firmware. At the beggining it was a chinese phone with a G firmware (i think the seller made that ) , with meizufans forum i switched the ID into international one and then made the last update. 

Now i cant turn on the phone, it's starts in recovery mode. I tried to upgrade the same version .G it's says corrupt, i tried to downgrade G version- corrupt, i tried the same version .A - corrupt, i tried a older .A version- corrupt. Now dont know what i can make :( :( need your help guys


This is indeed a very strange behaviour. However, as the MX5 is a MediaTek based device there is a little chance to unbrick it over SP Flashtools.

@Rey, so what should i do? i'm not an expert in this domain, i never used SP Flashtools. :( 


Before starting check if the device goes into fastboot (Volume Down + Power), if it does we can proceed.

If it works, you can download SP Flashtools from here:

What you will also need is a so called scatter file for the MX5. Maybe search our forum or just the internet.

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@Rey, When i try to turn on the device by (Volume Down + Power) , the Meizu logo apear and in the left down corner is written ->FASTBOOT mode... , and nothing happen more, it just stay like this

Meizu m3s

this means your bootloader is not corrupted and alternative recovery option such as sp flash tool can be used. But the chances of sp flash tool work on meizu is low.

@Scorpiony-Knifet,so i must try to change the firmware by SP flash tool, and if doesn't work my phone is uselesS? :( 

@Rey, i lost all my day in searching of scatter file for the MX5, and found that it is not on internet, and there are a  method to make it by mtkdroidtools. But the problem is that i should have the phone turned on , in debugging mode to make the scatter file, so it's impossible for me to get the scatter file :( :( :( 

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