Apps at Background turned off.


I have meizu pro 6 and 2 of my apps that need to stay on at background, the apps marked with lock and at background management and still, After 1-3 minuts at background they turnd off.

The apps is FortiClient VPN and Pulse Secure.

Please help.

Meizu Pro 6

Turned off as if they are gone from the multitasking window or do they stop working at background?

Meizu m3s

Try this, Security App
permissions->Run in background->YOUR APP -> Keep running in background (this is for flyme 6 may vary)
A reboot is normally required.

Thanks all.
I found the solution by debugging the phone.
The problem caused by Opera Max. but even that it was disable this app it still block the vpn clients.
Finely I found "disable services" app and I can disable ALL opera max services.
All good now.
Hate opera max!

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