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Hello everyone!

I have been having a hard time using an external DAC with my Meizu MX3. The DAC I have is an iFi Nano iDSD, connected to the MX3’s Usb port with an OTG cable. The software I use to play the music files is Usb Audio Player Pro ( I have tried .flac, .dxd and .dsd files. I have also tried every possible firmware. The best to date in terms of being able (sometimes) to play the music files (although down-converted) through the external DAC seems to be the latest (Flyme OS 4.0.4A)

Although my phone enters in “USB Audio” mode when I connect the external DAC, the music files are always down-converted to 44.1Hz. It seems that the iFi Nano is never actually used to convert the files and play them in their native resolution. Instead, the phone’s own internal DAC forces the file to go through its own internal DAC and down-converts the file before sending it to the Usb port. I have discussed this problem with the developer of the Usb Audio Player and we both agree that the phone is not allowing the application to use its own driver.

So, my question is if anyone knows how to disable the MX3’s Usb Audio driver? Supposing that this is the problem of course, and nothing else entirely different.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

The latest test firmware (Flyme 4.0.5A ) changes nothing - still unable to use the iFi Nano :-(

The Nexus 5 and the Sony Xperia Z Ultra work like a charm with the iFi Nano and the Usb Audio Player Pro. For some reason, the MX3 does not let the Usb Audio Player Pro use its own driver. Is there any way to kill MX3’s usb sound driver - maybe by killing the embedded Music app? I would actually uninstall it altogether, but Meizu wants me to have this app against my will :-(

Any input on this appreciated!


I think it means more to change your default music app. If I remember right there was an option to…

Thanks for the heads-up. Wasn’t able to find that option that you mention anywhere. Will keep trying…

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