Flyme OS stable (MX4 Pro)
Meizu MX4 Pro

why the fuck do they still release flyme 5

Seriously what is the problem with Meizu and cannot fix the battery problem??? I order Huawei P10 Plus because Meizu disappointed me. I tired with all shit updates and not even stable… Sorry meizu. Never again… feeling BORED/PISSED OFF/DISGUSTED/DISAPPOINTED.

So far i dont have any issues with this version
Ive updated from G

Meizu MX4 Pro

Dear friends

i have Flyme os 5.1.12 OG and i have a problem with outgoing calls.Usually when i make an outgoing call after some seconds it ends,and so i must call again.

Do you know anything about?

Talk about Flyme stable for the MX4 Pro!


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