Phone Finder (or web page) on Flyme 5 - how does it work?
Meizu m2

Hello all you crazy people!

I want to ask about the option to find your lost phone. In Flyme 4 you
had the option in the Settings. Now in Flyme 5 I could only download the
app, yet it doesn't work...

Besides that I also tried to find a page to log in an search the device by the browser.

Any ideas? Something change? Because in Flyme 4 the app worked, also the page with finding the phone.

Meizu m3s

It didn't work for me as well, maybe the app only works in china?

As i was able to login and had gps on + internet. The app still show that I am in china even after waiting for over 30 min.

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Cerberus it’s the best app for that.

Meizu m2

@viper said:

Cerberus it's the best app for that.

 Yeah it's good, but you have to pay for it.Too bad that Meizu had the tool, it worked great and now it's not available

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