from black screen to working screen (screen issue)


i replaced my self a broken meizu mx4 pro screen an then this issue came up:

1.the phone starts to boot, shows meizu and flyme logo and then the screen turns black and doesn't work.

2.After a few minutes (aprox.7min) I press the home button an the screen goes on and works fine for a few seconds (aprox. 17sec), and then black again. This repeats again and again.

any ideas why it is doing this?

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Does it respond e.g. vibrate when you test the phone by buttons? Test if it is not software problem. Most easiest way is to power on to recovery and test if the screen goes black. If it is a hardware problem, as the touch screen works but just no display; it might be the backlight of the screen overheating and badly soldered.

@Scorpiony-Knifet 1. when the screen is black it vibrates when button pressed. 2. on recovery screen does the same thing (goes black after a while) but the digitizer keeps working , because i managed to clear data even whith a black screen.

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@thanospappas i had this problem once probably the backlight gone wrong during the replacing process. I suggest you go to someplace they know about it and fix it.

@zoroflamingo my consern is if something else besides screen is damaged ( e.g. motherboard from static electricity) or if it's a OS problem.

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@thanospappas it possible. When my friend replaced my screen it took away backlight, brightness, and audio quality. So check it.

i have similiar issue with that. before my screen was going black,
my mx4pro had overheating. when i upgrade flyme to 5.1.12, its more often overheat. and now i have my screen black but my touchscreen still works, still vibrates and still connect to pc. if its hardware problems, what hardware it is?
my lcd or te others?
thanks before

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@merdy24 i think it is the backlight that damaged. Go to a store nearby who will fix it if you have that option.

Meizu m3s

With experience, you may need to wait 1 to 6 weeks for them to ship the parts for the backlight. It maybe pricey.

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