〖Detail review of SuperM-charge〗"Super mCharge" capable of charging up to 55 W in compliance with the USB PD standard is announced at MWC 2017
Meizu m2

At MWC 2017, "Mobile phone related" biggest fair being held in Barcelona, Spain, Meizu announced the rapid charging standard "Super mCharge" compatible with the USB PD standard.The implementation timing is undecided.

According to Meizu it seems that 3000 mAh smartphone can be charged 30% in 5 minutes, it is earlier than Qualcomm's fast charge standard "Quick Charge 3.0".

Quick charging is a concern for batteries, but as far as Meizu tested, Meizu's Super mCharge seems to have been 38 ° C, while the battery temperature was 44 ° C at QC 3.0.

For Meizu which adopts many metal bodies, it is better to have lower temperature during charging, so this technology should be proud.

In addition, 95% of the rapid charge standard "VOOC" with conversion efficiency of OPPO, 89% of QC 3.0, 98% of Super mCharge, it is said that unnecessary heat problem is solved.

It can charge up to 55 W at 11 V / 5 A.

With Meizu PRO 5, PRO 6 / 6s / Plus, power supply with 24 W of 12 V / 2 A was achieved, so it can be improved by 2.2 times.

According to those who are visiting the site there is an AC adapter on the exhibit and seems to support USB PD.

In recent years Google has made too fast charge standards unique to various manufacturers, accidents caused by the AC adapter and the USB cable may occur, and there is a movement to unify the standards.

Since it is in principle that it conforms to the standard that Google is out putting out using Android, it can be said that this appeal has been successful.

 A chip that passed the examination for which a strict examination will be carried out by the European Union called E - Mark, so they are appealing for security.

Recently it is a problem always accompanying technological innovation on batteries such as explosion problem by Galaxy Note 7 and a lot of recall etc. It is a good appeal point that passing through the strict judgment of the right place.

It seems that you can charge 85% in 15 minutes on the smartphone with the same conditions as before.

It seemed enough for as long as 20 minutes to fully charge, charging was completed in about 19 minutes and 30 seconds where the staff did the test.


Meizu m3s

11 V and 5 A, looks like no more friends can use my charger. :)

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@Scorpiony-Knifet my friends can't use my charger for a simple reason: everyone has the old micro usb😁

Meizu Pro 6

by the way nice article👍

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