M5 Note firmware question

Hi there, does anyone know if

is the global version for the M5 Note. If so, how would one go about installing the firmware? I'm quite new to this and really need to install the new firmware as the M5 note I bought came with annoying adware that keeps popping up which I think is coming from the SCWeather app. 

According to the "About Phone" section, I am on Android version 6 and the Build Number is Flyme

So the methods say I need a rooted device, I went to "Fingerprint and security" -> "Root permission", yet Root Checker says I'm not rooted. I gave the app permission but it still won't work, thus I can't complete any of the methods. I also have tried KingoRoot but that only gives me root access for a couple of seconds before then revoking it. I am completely stuck and have no idea what to do.

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So it’s been around a week and I still can’t find out how to actually root the damn phone. After facing an onslaught of pop-up ads on this goddamn phone I might just sell this phone for something else. To anyone reading, do not buy an M5 note they are s***. F*** you Meizu.

I’ve changed the system language to all of the different Chinese languages (and restarted)and nothing really happens. Busybox and supersu both say that I’m still not rooted. I’ve tried Kingoroot on both the phone and the PC yet I only get root privileges for a couple of seconds before its revoked again. I don’t know what else to try.

Holy s***, I’ve managed to actually root the phone and the root authority has lasted a day. Apparently I have used the “Kingoroot” app instead of “Kingroot”. I was fooled for weeks because I thought they were the same, no wonder the root didn’t work. After using the actual “Kingroot” app, the root has worked and now I will try changing the firmware. I will update on my situation when it changes. Also f*** you “Kingoroot” with your blatant and s***ty ripoff of an rooting application. Stupid bastards.

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