Flyme 4.0.4A test firmware (MX3)

The first public release of Flyme OS 4 for the MX3!

This upgrade need to clear all data (including text messages, contacts, notes, and other user data and application photos, music, video, installation packages, such as the storage disk data), please upgrade sure to back up the required data. After a successful update can not fall back Flyme 3 firmware.


  • Emphasize again that the upgrade will erase all data, you can not downgrade.
  • The current version yet to achieve: Voice Assistant, IME iFlyTek voice input, use the Raiders feature.
  • Already in use preemptive version of the MX3 user experience, but also to update this version, you need to clear user data does not need to format the memory disk.

Flyme OS 4.0.4A
Flyme OS 4.0.4A (beta 2)

Flyme OS 4.0.4A

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If i installed the leaked version already, do i need to install the “official” release ?


Is it consider as stable or still in beta?

Thank you!!!

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This firmware is still in beta, just a public beta instead of a closed one.

@‘n0cte’ said:

This firmware is still in beta, just a public beta instead of a closed one.

OK, thanks for the info!! 

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I hava just upgraded to this version…the biggest issue was about m flyme apps backup that could not be restored using the meizu tool (it resulted in a terrible mess…not problems with contacts/messages etc)


How did you backup the apps?

@‘GreyGhost’ said:

How did you backup the apps?

appcenter has an option for app+desktop backup…it should perform a full restore your phone, including apps layout and so on. It should…


Ahh oki… I don’t use the meizu appstore so never saw it…


Do you have a screenshot which shows this option ?

Screenshots for app center desktop backup
-app center menu > settings>auto desktop backup via wireless lan

Is Google play working in this Firmware?


Not out of the box.
You have to install MX3 Google installer from meizu market. Install the required files through it and clear data. After that it works fine…

what do you use to backup apps/data/desktop? I’m a bit disappointed that I had to reinstall everything by hand…but the meizu app is well done, absolutely not invasive and I suppose it works fine unless you make a major upgrade


Use Titanium backup, or Rom tool box.

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