Screen Pinning - do we have it?
Meizu m2

Hi folks!
I am willing to ask - does Meizu have the option of Screen Pinning in the Flyme OS in version 4.5.4I or in any other version of the software?

It supose to be in all the phones with Android L or even KitKat, but in Flyme 4 I cannot find it in the Settings -> Security menu…

Thank you for your time in advance :)

Meizu m2

@Bart11 screen pinning is most popular in Android Lollipop.
But Flyme has Guest mode…
I did not tried in flyme 4
But Flyme 5 and 6 has this feature.
Hope you got your Answer😊

Meizu m2

Too bad that it isn’t the oryginal Pinn mode. Nevertheless thanks for the reply!

Meizu m2

@Bart11 meizu phones does not come with pure Android.
Even samsung does not have screen pinning insted of guest mode.
Guest mode is same as screen pinning.
Try it 😊
Dont disappoint yourself🙂

Meizu m3s

Try using a custom rom, the m2 mini is one of the few meizu devices that can be unlocked, read here
cm 12.1 is 5.1.1 and screen pinning is introduced to lollipop. Guest mode is slow and I won’t suggest it.

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Meizu m2

Maybe I’ll try it, thank you. On the other hand I hope that Meizu will invent something new in this subject with Flyme 6 ;) (or screw something up, meh)

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