Chromcast problem

I have problem when casting screen with.chromecast that phone and not on tv.
This is it works.fine with Oneplus one and Vivo 6S.

Any idea?


Meizu m3s

firmware version? try updating (also the beta), if that does not help try reporting to the meizu.

Meizu m3s

Let’s blame Meizu. Try the latest Beta =, likely it won’t solve your problem.

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There is no beta for Pro 5

Meizu m3s

Lol, I thought you were using the note 5 my mistake, sry.

Meizu Pro 5

Never notice problem at all with my chromecast gen2… Both chrome and Google home allows to stream audio and video smoothly.

Well it does not work with me. Have both first and second chromecast versions and experience same problem.

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