[LIST] System apps that are SAFE to remove
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Because I didnt find such a thread all over internet, Ive decided to gather information about all the system apps that are present in Flyme OS and which of them are safe to remove.

Please make a full nandroid backup before removing any of the applications.
Use at your own risk, I cannot be held responsible if you break your phone.

The list below describes all stock apks under /system/app and /system/priv-app. You can see this folder via RootExplorer or FileExplorer or the like, or see them through Titanium Backup, although they might be out of order and with different names (they will use the display name rather than apk name on Titanium). I personally use ES File Explorer for deleting system applications.

If you are deleting system apps manually with Root Explorer (for example) delete it´s respective .odex as well.


AlarmClock.apk [SAFE] - will remove the ability to set alarms, countdown timer and etc.
AppCenter.apk [SAFE] - application center (HotApps). Safe to delete, especially if you use other similar software (like Play Store)
AricentIMSService.apk [CAUTION] - IP-based multimedia transmission service (Needed for Voice over LTE). Safe to remove if you dont use 4G !
Bluetooth.apk [ESSENTIAL] - Provides bluetooth functionality and controllers.
Calculator.apk [SAFE] - Android integrated calculator.
Calendar.apk [SAFE] - calendar application. Will NOT break the ability to see the date from the status bar
Camera.apk [CAUTION] - provides camera controllers. If you have another application for capturing images/videos - this is safe to remove
CaptivePortalLogin.apk [ESSENTIAL] - used for captive portal login handle (when connected to an open WiFi network sometimes they reconnect you to a login page before you can use the internet)
CertInstaller.apk [ESSENTIAL] - certificate installer. Will break WiFi and internet connection functionality !
DocumentsUI.apk [ESSENTIAL] - file handle library to open documents
DownloadProviderUi.apk [ESSENTIAL] - handles downloading files (browser, market, etc.)
FileManager.apk [SAFE] - default file manager
FingerprintService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - provides fingerprint recognisition controllers. If removed - will lose the ability to use the fingerprint sensor on the phone
HTMLViewer.apk [SAFE] - Used by browser.apk** to filter HTML content. Doesnt seems to be needed
KeyChain.apk [ESSENTIAL] - password manager
LockScreenFramework.apk [ESSENTIAL] - used for lockscreen (dynamic theme service !TEST!)
LRA_Soft.apk [SAFE] - touch feedback softly. Safe to delete
LRA_Strong.apk [SAFE] - touch feedback strong. Safe to delete
MaxxService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - for audio quality
MzAccount.apk [SAFE] - part of Flyme login functionality. If you dont use it - its safe to remove
MzCardWalletService.apk [SAFE] - wallet service
MzCloudService.apk [SAFE] - if you dont use the cloud sync service - safe to delete
MzSecurity.apk [CAUTION] - security center. Will break battery ranking and details (in settings) if deleted
MzSetupWizard.apk [SAFE] - first-time usage tutorials.
MzShare.apk [ESSENTIAL] - share dialog
MzSimContacts.apk [CAUTION] - sim contacts reader. If you dont use them - you can delete it
MzSyncService.apk [CAUTION] - synchronization service. If not used - safe to delete
MzUpdate.apk [CAUTION] - system upgrade application. If deleted - wont be able to upgrade Flyme OS
NetAdmin.apk [SAFE] - safe to remove
NfceeService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - NFC related. If deleted - will break NFC functionality
NfcNci.apk [ESSENTIAL] - NFC related. If deleted - will break NFC functionality
NotePaper.apk [SAFE] - notes. If you dont use them - its safe to delete
OperaMax.apk [SAFE] - ??
PackageInstaller.apk [ESSENTIAL] - application installer
PacProcessor.apk [CAUTION] - PAC processor (proxy settings). Can cause internet instability issues
Painter.apk [SAFE] - drawer
PaymentSwitch.apk [SAFE] - payment changes
PicoTts.apk [CAUTION] - voice assistant (text to speech) for people with physical disabilities.
PrintSpooler.apk [SAFE] - print spooler. Safe to delete if you dont print documents with your phone
Search.apk [SAFE] - search functionality while on desktop
SearchWidget.apk [SAFE] - widget with searching fuctionality
SecJniRil.apk [UNKNOWN] - RIL is a logical layer between telecom services (such as telephones, text messages) and underlying hardware (baseband), and RIL JNI is an external interface. Most of the Samsung APPs (in S4 and other phones) have SEC prefix. Probably its essential to the phone. Keep it !
SmartcardService.apk [SAFE] - NFC related. Provides access for different phone’s Secure Elements. Used for NFC payments within the phone. If you dont use them - safe to delete!
SplitLocController.apk - ??
Stk.apk [SAFE] - provides access to SIM operator menu, integrated phones in SIM card
SystemWallpaper.apk [ESSENTIAL] - ability to set system wallpapers (!TEST!)
ToolBox.apk [SAFE] - some cool tools
UserDictionaryProvider.apk [SAFE] - user dictionary storage. If you dont use language dictionary - its safe to delete
vlife-sdk-mx.apk [SAFE] - dynamic theme service
WalletService.apk [SAFE] - wallet service. Safe to delete if you dont use payments within the phone
WAPPushManager.apk [SAFE] - WAP push is a type of text message that contains a direct link to a particular Web page. When a user is sent a WAP-push message, he receives an alert that, once clicked, directs him to the Web page via his WAP browser. Often used to push ads
Weather.apk [SAFE] - weather application
webview.apk [ESSENTIAL] - the System Webview in Android. Webview can load web pages, which can be viewed as a browser. Many small browsers rely on this (including stock Android browser)


AMapNetworkLocation_meizu.apk [CAUTION] - network location.
BackupRestoreConfirmation.apk [SAFE] - backup/restore confirmation dialog. useless
Browser.apk [ESSENTIAL] - can be removed if you have another browser installed
CalendarProvider.apk [CAUTION] - calendar storage. If deleted - you wont be able to use the calendar
Contacts.apk [ESSENTIAL] - contacts
ContactsProvider.apk [ESSENTIAL] - contacts storage. If deleted - you wont be able to use the contacts feature
CustomizeCenter.apk [SAFE] - online themes, wallpapers and ringtones
DefaultContainerService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - package permissions helper. If removed - cannot be installed afterwards !!
Dialer.apk [ESSENTIAL] - phone dialer
DownloadProvider.apk [CAUTION] - download storage. If deleted - you wont be able to see downloaded files list (will show download service is disabled)
Email.apk [SAFE] - email client
ExperienceDataSync.apk [SAFE] - game optimization
ExternalStorageProvider.apk [CAUTION] - external storage device. I keep it, because I guess that DocumentsUI calls it to access the SD card
FlymeLauncher.apk [CAUTION] - worst iPhonish launcher ever. You can delete it, but install another one first
FusedLocation.apk [CAUTION] - will remove the possibility to get your position via the network
Gallery.apk [SAFE] - can be deleted if you have another alternative
InCallUI.apk [ESSENTIAL] - responsible for user interface while in a call
InputDevices.apk [UNKNOWN] - not sure whats this for - whether for OTG functionality or keyboard layout ?!
ManagedProvisioning.apk [SAFE] - device configurator. Saw on the internet that this relies on com.android.settings, com.android.contacts, com.android.providers.downloads, com.android.providers.downloadsui probably to provide permissions whether can access company information or not
MediaProvider.apk [ESSENTIAL] - media store. If removed - “Settings > Sounds” wont be accessible. Also you wont be able to select ringtone, gallery application will freeze.
Mms.apk [ESSENTIAL] - SMS and MMS handle.
MmsService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - needed for receiving/sending MMS
Music.apk [SAFE] - music player
MusicFX.apk [ESSENTIAL] - sound effects and equalizer
MzBackup.apk [SAFE] - backup and restore. If deleted - will lose the ability to locally backup phone data
MzCallSetting.apk [ESSENTIAL] - call settings
MzInput.apk [CAUTION] - system keyboard. Safe to delete but first install third-party keyboard (like Google Keyboard)
PerfUI.apk - ??
PowerSaveModeHome.apk [ESSENTIAL] - power saving mode. It needs "NFCNci"
ProxyHandler.apk [SAFE] - proxy handler ? I’ve deleted it and dont have any problems without it
Settings.apk [ESSENTIAL] - A MUST HAVE !
SettingsProvider.apk [ESSENTIAL] - settings storage. Will bootloop device !
Shell.apk [ESSENTIAL] - I believe this is the system shell
SoundRecorder.apk [CAUTION] - sound/call recorder. If removed - “Phone > Setup > Call Recording” wont start
SystemUI.apk [ESSENTIAL] - the system user interface. If deleted - the taskbar will be gone
SystemUITools.apk [SAFE] - dont know exactly what stands for, Ive deleted it and nothing happened :))
Tag.apk [SAFE] - NFC tag
Telecom.apk [ESSENTIAL] - telephone service. You wont be able to make a normal call otherwise
TelephonyProvider.apk [ESSENTIAL] - telephone/information storage.
TeleService.apk [ESSENTIAL] - phone settings. Will lose phone signal ability and SIM detection
Video.apk [ESSENTIAL] - online and local video playback
VoiceAssistant.apk [CAUTION] - voice assistant, useful, if you dont use it - safe to delete
VpnDialogs.apk [CAUTION] - if you dont use VPN - its safe to delete
WallpaperCropper.apk [SAFE] - wallpaper cropper. If deleted - you still WILL BE ABLE to set wallpapers

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Very good article. Very helpful.👍

Meizu m3s

Very useful, when having limited space and the lack of opportunity to move app to sdcard in the m3 and newer series.

How i can found and delete the hide spyware in my phone, which recording my calls?

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Flyme has an integrated antivirus (Security) application that scans the phone for known threads. Else you can always see all system applications installed in system/app and system/priv-app . And how did you understand that you have a spyware ?

Nice list!!

I've found if you remove or freeze the weather app the alarm on the clock app doesn't work. That was on an MX4 running one of the 5.1 Chinese firmwares. They must use a compatible/shared bit of script somewhere. I'm using a Pro 6 now but I have the MX4 floating about somewhere. I'll update it to the latest and do the same test and report back. Maybe update your list to reflect that if you want a working stock alarm clock you need to leave the weather app alone. (might save a few headaches haha) I'm busy at the mo but i'll get to it during the week and let you know if its the same with the latest updates.

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Will add it and also will wait for your list as well. Thanks in advance :)

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