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There I found a topic where he writes about malware in OS Flymo. I know that it was an older topic but I could find no further information. As things stand now, with the current version of the system? Thank you

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Was on flyme 4 5 and 6 neber encountered anything. Security has gone better with flyme and google play. Anyway send a link to that article.


So far its not known. However, as Flyme has a plenty of Chinese services integrated its very likely that your data is used for “other things” too.

It´s not nice. Is any way to prevent this?

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@Zeslonatrus don’t buy a chinese smartphone/use custom rom. However, then the “usual people” will spy you. So cutting it short - not really. There will always be someone to collect data from you.

It looks like there is not so much custom roms to MX4. Is there any cyanogenmod? And its help with this problem?

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@Zeslonatrus there is one, however it was not updated since a couple of months, so I do not recommend to use it as daily driver. Sadly its not possible to be really private in todays connected world. However, what you can do is to disable your WiFi/Mobile Data and GPS if you do not need it.

Thanks for your help. Last question, how much this “Flyme malware” take data? If anybody know it, i mean it take messages or what?

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@Zeslonatrus thats quite difficuilt to answer and thats why so many people are concerned about their data. You can never know, wether your geolocation is requested, your messages or even a screenshot is being taken. Technically all of these are doable and realistic, however you also need to ask yourself what you have to hide. As long as you do not plan a bombing no one will really care.

If you use it as a company phone:
I seen an interesting documentation about chinese companies trying to hack german ones with the deal to collect data. Since then that one company moved back to “offline communication”. Additionally it was forbidden for them to use random USB sticks (quite common though).

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@Rey very interesting, never knew that they can take info from usb.


@Scorpiony-Knifet the sticks are infected with a RAT, keylogger or any other kind of virus. As soon as you connect the stick the malware gets executed.

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