M2 note loses icon order on reboot

Since about a year ago when I reboot or shut down and reopen my phone most of my icons (now set in 2 pages only and some within groups) leave their group and place themselves all over the place. Forcing me to place them back every time. I have been hoping that updates would take care of this problem but they haven’t. (my 2 pages turn into 5) Please know that, back then, when I first encountered this problem I uninstalled everything possible to find the culprit but nothing changed. I then installed back other apps. Anyhow, I can’t be the only one with this problem, can I?

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Meizu m3s

Get a new lanucher, suggesting google now. Some people had bugs in icons with default lanucher, solved by getting better lanucher.

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I tried a couple, months back, and didn’t like them. I try to keep apps installed to a minimum. I would rather fix the problem, if possible, with the phone as is. Nevertheless, what launcher do you recommend?

Meizu Pro 6

nova launcher is one of the best, support is great, and looks like stock launcher.
If you want an experience like flyme, apus launcher is my favourite launcher. Has a design like flyme and organize nicely with a lot of settings.
Other than that, you have google now, which going to disappear so check it out before google takes it down from the store.
And go launcher is also a great launcher.

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