How to install Google play store and Google play services in all meizu phone
Meizu m2

I Found many of meizu users unable to install GMS or having no idea about it.
So i am going to show tutorial which Are as follows.
All you need is…
1)Google play store
2)Google play services
So will start tutorialπŸ‘‡

  1. If u facing problem in running Google play store or facing errors simply delete Google play services and Google play store manually.
  2. Download Google play store from below linkπŸ‘‡
  3. Download Google play services from below link
    For lollipop users:-πŸ‘‡
    For Mashmallow users:-πŸ‘‡
  4. Once Google play store and Google play services downloded install it.
    5)Once installed dont open it
    6)now Download this application(only for lollipop user)πŸ‘‡

0_1487604343000_Google Account Manager_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487604414258_Google Backup Transport_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487604510407_Google Calendar Sync_5.0-1545478.apk
0_1487604548590_Google Contacts Sync_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487604585973_Google One Time Init_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487604603874_Google Partner Setup_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487606045494_Google Services Framework_5.1.1-1965118.apk
0_1487605507828_Market Feedback Agent_5.1.1-1965118.apk
7)Once the above application is downloaded install it one by one.
8)Now check Google play store and signin with your account.

  1. Mashmallow user can Install from below link(Not for lollipop user)πŸ‘‡

Hope you all are successful in running playstoreπŸ™

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not opening bro flyme 6 os

Meizu m2

@ashok what not oppening…can u please explain me.

@jiteshpoojary play store i upgraded to flyme 6

There was a problem communicating with google servers try again later
like this coming what can i do bro

Meizu m2

@ashok can you please explain your problem in detail
Send me screen shot
Will help to guide you in appropriate way.

Meizu m2

@ashok you can communicate me with hindi.
Hindi is welcome

How can i send screen shot

Meizu m2

@ashok for sending photos you have to be on desktop mode.
If you are using chrome you will find it on settings

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