play store fails

after manual updation to flyme 6…play store is not working…i cabt log in with my gmail adress…login window loads up bt never get into the column to login

Meizu Pro 6

Have you installed google play via gms installer?
And do you have google account showing on the other accounts in settings?

no…i was on global version…i updated to …now it fails to connect to server…i have logined to mail app with my gmail

Meizu Pro 6

Go to other accounts, if you have google account remove it and add it again, if you don’t have it just add it. Then force google play to stop and launch it again.

Meizu m2

@salmandada first of all Download proper play store version.
Show me screenshot of your google play store and Google play service version.
So i can guide in properly


U can manually delete google services
And delete play store too
Once doing above step download playstore from below link

Once downloded install it .
Then download GMSinstaller and run

Now you will successfully run play store.
Hope you unsterstood.

Meizu m3s

Next time when you are updating from flyme 5 to flyme 6. I suggest you clear data as most setting from flyme 5 may effect the performance of your phone in flyme 6. (I suppose ur updating from flyme 5 correct me if i am wrong.)

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