NFC Functionality

I don’t understand if the meizu pro 6 have the NFC functionality, in the technical specification the chip there is, but seems it doesn’t work.
Does anyone know this?
Is it a firmware question? Maybe will it work with flyme 6?

Thanks for anyone can respond.

Meizu m3s

Some websites say in their specs it has nfc, but don’t trust every webite. The pro 6 does not have nfc, and meizu never claimed it has nfc.


When I first read @Scorpiony-Knifet’s post I couldn’t believe it. However, he is totally right. On the specs page NFC is not listed, if you take a look at the MTK page you will be surprised too. It is not listed either.

Thats typical for Meizu to leave some unsupported stuff inside of the roms. The best example is 4G for the Meizu MX3.

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