Back camera wont focusing

After upgradin to,camera wont focusing.Downgrade to older version didnt help.Any solution?

Meizu m3s

Which firmware did you update from. You can either update to or beta or downgrade to older firmware. Clear data maybe necessary if you are still getting errors.

I did do all of that,but problem is still here.

Meizu m3s

If downgrading didn’t help, it may be a hardware issue, i have heard people buying a new camera also fingerscanner and replacing it with meizu phones. If you still have warranty i should suggest you to go there first.

Meizu m2

@Sasan123 What you said is right
Flyme 5 has focusing issue.
Many of bugs reported even i reported but no result found.
Flyme said they will optimize the camera focus in flyme 6 …and yes camera focus has improved alot.
You can try flyme 6 beta.
Believe me its good(flyme6)

Thank you.Ill try. But I think my next phone wont be Meizu again.

Meizu Pro 6

@Sasan123 too bad. Meizu has changed since the mx4 which is two years old. Don’t turn it down yet. Check out the new phones.


@zoroflamingo quality sided its true, the 4th generation of MX devices has been the worst. However, firmware sided the improvements are not really “feelable” for all devices. Flyme 6 might not feel as nice for these older devices than for us with the newer/latest phones.

To get back on-topic:
Maybe order a replacement for the camera module. Its not quite expensive and should be worth the investion, even if you do not wish to keep the device.

Replaced back camera module,but problem is same.

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